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Elvis by Che Orton


Che Orton the sensational Elvis tribute artist hailing from New Zealand. A talent that was ignited at the tender age of 15, Che’s passion for singing as Elvis Presley has taken him on an extraordinary journey across continents.

With a voice that captures the essence of The King himself, Che has graced stages in various corners of the globe, leaving audiences in awe of his remarkable performances. Notably, he has brought his electrifying Elvis tribute show to the high seas, wowing audiences aboard cruise ships with his iconic renditions.

Che’s dedication and talent have earned him prestigious accolades in the world of Elvis tribute artists. He clinched the title for Elvis Down Under in both 2009 and 2019, a testament to his enduring commitment to embodying the spirit of the legendary entertainer. In 2019, Che’s stellar tribute act earned him the ultimate recognition as the Elvis Tribute Artist winner at Viva Surfers Paradise Australia, propelling him to the semifinals at Graceland Memphis and securing his spot among the top 18 Elvis tribute artists globally.

Adding to his remarkable list of accomplishments, 2023 he claimed the title of King of the Hop at the Repco Beach Hop in New Zealand. His phenomenal journey reached new heights with his ultimate triumph at the Cooly Rocks On festival in Australia, where he secured the title of Ultimate Elvis tribute Artist winner. This victory led Che back to the iconic Graceland Memphis stage, where he was judged as one of the top 5 Elvis tribute artists in the world.

Beyond his remarkable performances, Che’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of his tribute show. He proudly dons replica Elvis suits that captures the iconic essence of The King’s style. Adding an authentic touch, Che’s Elvis jewellery is crafted by the same jeweller who adorned Elvis himself.

Che Orton’s Elvis tribute show is a mesmerizing journey through the music and magic of Elvis Presley, brought to life by a talent that knows no bounds. With a voice that resonates with the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest icon, Che continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

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